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Taiwan HQ
Taiwan HQ

Grand Textile Taiwan

Grand Textile is established in 1987, during 30 years we have built strong vertical integrated performance textile production in both Taiwan and Vietnam.

Our product and services include:

  • Woven Fabrics

  • Knits Fabrics

  • Functional Yarn

  • Garments Solution

  • Chemicals

  • Functional Dyeing Subcontracting

We care for the environment, our company puts sustainability on the top level of priority, we currently implement a variety of technologies to reduce pollution, and will continue to invest in sustainable technology.

  • Recycle material

  • 100% waste water recycle

  • Eliminate the use of Coal energy

  • Eco Friendly Chemicals

  • Less Water / No Water Production

Apart from sustainability, our versatility and innovation in product development is one of our core strengths. We work with different leading companies in different industry to think outside the box. With over 14000 fabrics in our fabric library, we continue to innovate and allow creativity to expand and go beyond.