Stone Cold

Stone Cold

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Product Description

Recycle the jade scraps from sculpture or mining field, then use exclusive patented technology to convert jade mineral to material compound, add the powder and apply in textile production such as dyeing exhaust or yarn extrude process.

The 2nd generation of Stone Cold; Stone Cold EX takes the cooling to the next level, considering all factors of cooling, including next to skin comfort. Not only targeting cooling and comfort, we also target the vapor speed in our 2nd generation cooling technology, making average MMT grade 3-4.


  • MMT – Moisture Management Transferability, enhance the ability to move moisture to surface for evaporation. AATCC 195.

  • Cooling – Contact Cooling Performance, enhance the ability to cool down skin temperature. Stone Cold EX (nylon version) Q-max Testing above 0.135. FTTS-FA-019

  • Anti Microbial – Reduce microbial activity. Odor Control Claim. AATCC 147

  • Wicking – Natural Wicking Characteristic. Test protocol relates to customer protocol.

  • Anti UV – Improve UV rating. UV improvement value relates to fabric construction.